Something a little different

Something a little different

So today we went off-roading with the Land Rover dealership. We went up to a place called Kingston Peak, we had a blast. The mountain views were amazing. It was a pretty rocky trail and the only victims were about 5 tires. Unfortunately, 2 of them were on the the same Range Rover, one of the perils of off-roading. We got ours really dirty, it was probably the mud puddles we went through about 10 times. What can I say it was a blast. Fortunately we didn’t have any problems, in the end everyone had a good time. Enjoy the slide show. You can click on an image for a larger version.

Kingston Peak

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  1. Mike Kelly
    Aug 6, 2013

    Now that looked like some serious fun. Get down in it and let it fly!

    That should get the stress off!


    • admin
      Aug 6, 2013

      Yea, it just creates a different kind of stress. 😉

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