Wow It’s been awhile

Wow I didn’t realize it’s been 5 years. Well updates are coming on both the cobra, the site as well as other things going on. See ya in a few days.

An update, finally, what’s been going on….

An update, finally, what’s been going on….

Well honestly we’ve been having too much fun driving the car and sitting down to write about it hasn’t been on the top of the priority list. Guess I would never make it as a writer for a car magazine. So let’s start with the cruise. With the Cobra “done” and ready for it’s inaugural cruise we headed out to Golden, Co to meet up with the rest of the club for the 12th Annual Mile Hi Cobra Club Cruise Colorado on June the 14th. It also happened to be our 29th wedding anniversary. We met up with the rest of the club and waited for everyone else on the cruise to arrive. Once all 16 cars were there we headed out Steamboat Springs. We used US 6 and then US 40 to get to Steamboat avoiding I-70 as much as possible. The drive to...

Look Who Came Home.

Look Who Came Home.

Well it’s been a long 3 months since I shipped her off to California and she finally came back this last Wednesday. All I can really say is I think it was well worth it. I still have some details to take care, like cleaning the tires,  but even without them taken care of I think she’s beautiful. You be the judge. You can click on the images for full size versions. Enjoy I know I am. 🙂

Something else has been lurking in the garage.

So if you read the last post you might recall that I said something else has been lurking in the garage. Here are a few hints, can anyone guess what it is from these pics? A parking lamp. A door handle. A head light. A tail light. Ok before I reveal what’s there a couple of other things. First I cleaned up the garage because with all the snow we had and the fact that I could park Wall-E (That’s what we call the Land Rover) in there meant a whole bunch of melted snow falling off the cars and making a mess of the floor. But once we had a nice day I got out the mop and hose and it cleaned up real nice. Gotta love the epoxy floors. With it being nice and clean it was just crying out for something. But before we get to that there was another diversion that...

Loooooong Overdue and Short Update

Ok so it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, over 4 months actually. Well there just wasn’t much to post, through the winter not much going on as I was waiting to get the car sent out for the paint and body work. As we rolled into February I actually did a little bit of work on it. Take a look at the pic below. What you are looking at is how the headlights are held into their support ring. If you look at the little clip that is behind the gold colored screw you can see it’s bent. It’s a pretty crappy solution to holding the headlights in. There are 3 per headlight and they all looked like this, something had to be done. Here’s a view of the clip after removal. You can see it’s a pretty thin sheet metal...

And…..She’s back!

First off let me say I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Here at the Kinsey house we had a great Thanksgiving and I also took the whole week off. This allowed me to catch up on some of the Honey Do’s that needed to be taken care of around the house as well as get some time to put the transmission back into the Cobra. So the new parts arrived and the first few pics will help show how much damage was done by my improper adjustment. The damaged throwout fork is in the top of each pic, sorta obvious. You can see what the tip is supposed to look like and how much metal was ground away from rubbing against the pressure plate. Both forks also have the throwout bearing attached to them. With the new parts on hand the challenge was to figure out how to...