Loooooong Overdue and Short Update

Ok so it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, over 4 months actually. Well there just wasn’t much to post, through the winter not much going on as I was waiting to get the car sent out for the paint and body work. As we rolled into February I actually did a little bit of work on it. Take a look at the pic below.

What you are looking at is how the headlights are held into their support ring. If you look at the little clip that is behind the gold colored screw you can see it’s bent. It’s a pretty crappy solution to holding the headlights in. There are 3 per headlight and they all looked like this, something had to be done.


Here’s a view of the clip after removal. You can see it’s a pretty thin sheet metal stamping. We can do better than that.


Using some aluminum square stock I cut out some strips and then cut those into 6 pieces.


A little bit of file work and you can see them taking shape like the originals but much stronger.


And here you can see one in place doing a much better job of holding the headlight in.


Well that didn’t take all that long to knock out but it was something that I wanted taken care of.

Ok so what’s next. Well for those of you here in Denver you might recall that in early February we had some nice weather and the Cobra club went for a drive up to Evergreen. This was our first opportunity to take the Cobra out with the club even though it’s not painted. So we did. The pic below shows some of the other cars parked at the golf course in Evergreen where we stopped for lunch.


And this pic shows us turning around, you can see some of the other cars ahead of us. All in all it was a rather nice drive and Caroline and I both enjoyed it.


Selfie time, here is Caroline enjoying the wonderful weather and the drive.


The timing for that weekend was perfect since the next week the shipper arrived and I loaded her up for the trip to the paint and body shop in California. Why California you ask. simple, there’s this guy and he’s done over 500 of these cars and his work is just absolutely awesome.


And just this week I got an update from him that she is getting close to being done, they’re targeting the 15th of May. Here’s a last pic for this post showing the body in primer. Stay tuned, once it get’s color on it I should have some more pics to share. Oh yea and I haven’t been completely idle in the garage on the weekends. There’s something else that’s been hanging out in the garage. Stay tuned.


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  1. WIlson
    Apr 26, 2015

    Awesome! Can wait to ride in the finished work of art!


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