Before I get to the pipes first I got the headlights installed this week. It’s quite a few pieces and steps that make up the headlights and then throw in the additional wiring.

First there’s the hole you have to cut. The 2 larger outer holes position the headlight bucket.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0001

Next step is mounting the headlight bucket.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0002

Here it is mounted. It already comes with the headlight connector installed but the other end doesn’t have a connector. That’s what I spent the rest of the weekend finishing off was the headlight, front marker and tail light connections. It should have been a simple connector install. But for some reason Factory Five decided one connector per corner was all that’s needed. That ¬†would be great if you never planned on removing any lights, but once you connect both lights to a single connector it’s sorta trapped in the body. So a bit of time was spent changing out connectors so that each light has it’s own connection and can be easily removed if needed.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0003

The actual head light. I had to mount the bracket that’s around the edge of the light.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0004

And here it is installed. The 2 black screws at 12:00 and 9:00 are the adjustment screws to align the headlights.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0005

And finally with the trim ring.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0006

She’s got eyes.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0007

I also mounted the trunk lid. First shot needed a bit of adjustment. The black circle is where I’m supposed to cut a hole for the passenger side roll bar.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0008

The hinges provide quite a few different ways to adjust it. Too bad the trunk is too small for me to fit in and set it, so I had to do it the old trial and error approach.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0009

I finally got it close enough for now. I need to trim the edges as it’s oversized on purpose so that it can be fitted once everything is in place.

Lights Trunk Pipes-0010

I also got the gas cap mounted. Now that’s a gas cap!

Lights Trunk Pipes-0011

Did I mention pipes, oh yea the side pipes. Actually I said PIPES GLORIOUS PIPES. If you’ve never heard Bill Cosby’s piece on getting a car from Carol Shelby you need to look it up. You can just google Bill Cosby 200 MPH.


Lights Trunk Pipes-0013


  1. Wilson Glover
    Jun 2, 2014

    You’ve come a long way since last week! So cool!

  2. Ray
    Jun 4, 2014

    And I thought seeing her rolling on the tires was a big “this is a car!” step, but the headlights make that statement even louder.

    Speaking of which, looking forward to hearing those “pipes, glorious pipes!”

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