Opps I broke her!

You might recall in a past blog I mentioned something about still working on adjusting the clutch. Well apparently the problem I was having was more than just an adjustment.

Today with the weather being awesome we took the Cobra out for a quick trip to Home Depot to exchange some tile grout, as witnessed in this first pic. Doesn’t she look nice? 😎

Broke Clutch-0001


From there we decided to run by my Mom and sisters place to say hi. Well a couple of blocks from their house the problem fully manifested itself and the clutch pedal dropped to the floor, which resulted in this. Doesn’t she look sad? 🙁

Broke Clutch-0002


Fortunately the insurance I have on the car includes towing all the way to my house and not to the nearest garage. She’s back in her spot in the garage and I’ll try to get her up on jack stands this week and see what I managed to mess up or install improperly that broke. From the time the pedal dropped till the time I got her to this parking lot there were a few unsettling noises coming from the transmission/bell housing area. Not sure yet what those might have been. A couple of thoughts though 1) the clutch cable broke – though wouldn’t explain the noise, 2) the clutch fork broke – that could be noisy, 3) the pivot for the clutch fork broke – yep noisy, 4) the throw-out bearing came apart – noisy also, 5) the pressure plate collapsed – not sure how noisy that would be or 6) all kinds of crap came apart – definitely noisy and that’s why I installed a scatter shield bell housing.

Stay tuned should be interesting.



  1. Richard
    Oct 27, 2014

    Bummer! Good learning experience…

    Hopefully you don’t end up replacing the entire tranny…

  2. Wilson Glover
    Oct 27, 2014

    Ouch, she’ll be on the road soon! A lot of pretty days ahead!

  3. Todd
    Oct 27, 2014

    Really hope it is a simple fix . Good luck.

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