Body & Chassis

Body & Chassis

Just a quick post to show some pictures and answer some questions. I think a few people were confused about the chassis and the body of the car. Below is a pic of the chassis with the body removed. As you can see this is a complete custom tube chassis built specifically for this car by Factory Five. It’s not the old kit cars of the past built on a VW bug frame.


And here is a close up pic of the body. Some people have thought that the body was already painted because of the red. This is actually just the fiberglass gel coat. All the bodies come from the factory in this same color. In this close up you can see the seam where the front has been bonded to the body just about 8 inches behind where the head light will go. There are seams along the top of the body all the down to the rear end. All of that as well as panel alignment and gaps will have to worked by a body guy to get it looking right and ready for paint. As for color, I’m currently leaning towards a reddish copper color with pearl white racing stripes. I hope that clears up any confusion for everyone.

Body Seam-web

I finished the front suspension this weekend. There’s a peak of it as the new background image. I’ll get a post up shortly with pics showing the whole thing.


  1. Joe Demmons
    Jul 22, 2013

    Lookin good brother, are you planning on sending the body off or doing the body work yourself?

  2. Jon Dill
    Jul 22, 2013

    Are you going to be adding some strange equations on the whiteboards in the background like the Big Bang Theory?

    • admin
      Jul 22, 2013

      You will have to wait and see. If I do then I’ll probably have to have a prize for anyone who solves it. I think I’ll have to get Maz to help me out with getting some really juicy equation up there.

  3. Mike Kelly
    Jul 23, 2013


    Looking good and great explanation for all the laymen out there interested in taking on such a project.

    Looking forward to the equation, should be a snap for an old sales guy like me.

    Best, Mike

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